Tag trick Games for tag trick http://www.grabgamer.com Thu, 07 Jul 2022 17:16:26 +0300 <![CDATA[Real Life Trickshots]]> This game was inspired by Dude Perfect.

Real Life Trickshots is a thrilling experience in which you will have to prove that you are a real trickshotter by completing all the levels in one go. The game is fun to play and will demand dedication to reach the end. The trickshots are taken from real life experiences and YouTube videos from you tubers like Dude Perfect, That's Amazing etc. The main aim of this Trickshot puzzle game is to make you enjoy the time when you are bored. The puzzles are both tricky and easy. This game's main aim is to make the player's experience what it takes For Dude Perfect to create their famous videos of trickshots. This game is very special to me because I am a big fan of Dude Perfect.

Real Life Trickshots main features:
- Highly realistic physics for authentic gameplay!
- More than 20 levels filled with lots of satisfaction
- Variety of exciting level design
- Plenty of fun challenges. Show your skill and try to master all the trickshots
Improve your trickshots always and anywhere.

Start your fun adventure now!

If you love dude perfect then you are gonna love this game

Some more important features of this trickshots game:
- Simple to control, free to play.
- You don't have wifi? No problem. You can completely play Pong Master even when offline
- Suitable for all ages
- Challenging trick shot

The trickshots in this game are based on real life like fruits in the basket to toilet paper in the box etc.

Some trickshots were also inspired by Dude Perfect's own video "Real Life Trickshots 2" and "Real Life Trickshots 3" such as the frisbee trickhshot, piggy bank Trickshots etc.

Dude Perfect's famous video "Real Life Trickshots" played a big role for the inspiration.

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<![CDATA[Tricky Trail]]> Take a good look at the path, you memorie and quickness will be the key! Match the green cubes avoiding the red ones!
Test your skills and prepare to beat your best score and your friends!

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