Tag throw Games for tag throw http://www.grabgamer.com Wed, 06 Jul 2022 01:50:43 +0300 <![CDATA[Super 3D Axe Throw World Championship]]> Take your axe and get ready for throwing axes on targets in this amazing game. The best axe throwing game of the year. Throw axes and hit targets to clear different levels. Flipping axes have never been this much fun. Throw axes to hit targets and move to the next levels.
This game tests your skills, patience and focus as you need to throw axes to hit the right axe target. Throwing axe games have never been this amazing. Axe Throwing Games Championships is a unique axe game where you need to hit a range of fixed or moving targets.

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<![CDATA[Real Life Trickshots]]> This game was inspired by Dude Perfect.

Real Life Trickshots is a thrilling experience in which you will have to prove that you are a real trickshotter by completing all the levels in one go. The game is fun to play and will demand dedication to reach the end. The trickshots are taken from real life experiences and YouTube videos from you tubers like Dude Perfect, That's Amazing etc. The main aim of this Trickshot puzzle game is to make you enjoy the time when you are bored. The puzzles are both tricky and easy. This game's main aim is to make the player's experience what it takes For Dude Perfect to create their famous videos of trickshots. This game is very special to me because I am a big fan of Dude Perfect.

Real Life Trickshots main features:
- Highly realistic physics for authentic gameplay!
- More than 20 levels filled with lots of satisfaction
- Variety of exciting level design
- Plenty of fun challenges. Show your skill and try to master all the trickshots
Improve your trickshots always and anywhere.

Start your fun adventure now!

If you love dude perfect then you are gonna love this game

Some more important features of this trickshots game:
- Simple to control, free to play.
- You don't have wifi? No problem. You can completely play Pong Master even when offline
- Suitable for all ages
- Challenging trick shot

The trickshots in this game are based on real life like fruits in the basket to toilet paper in the box etc.

Some trickshots were also inspired by Dude Perfect's own video "Real Life Trickshots 2" and "Real Life Trickshots 3" such as the frisbee trickhshot, piggy bank Trickshots etc.

Dude Perfect's famous video "Real Life Trickshots" played a big role for the inspiration.

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<![CDATA[Rolling Panda]]> Roll the panda, tap on screen to jump the panda

Rolling Panda is a portrait 2d game..you have to jump the panda from going down.

Tap on screen to jump on poles…see arrow pointer to jump on direction

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<![CDATA[Knife Up]]> Go up with a knife !

Knife Up!!!

How to play:

- Tap on screen to jump.
- Go Up get score.
- Try to get as many score as you can.

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<![CDATA[Pie Attack]]> Oh no! Super bad cake villains invaded the city! The police is helpless - only the special Pie Attack force can stop the bad guys! They conveniently show up in the windows of their secret base and you just have a brief moment to throw delicious pie in their face! Too bad the villains hideout is under the police raid. The policeman are also looking out of the windows, curious of what’s happening outside. Don’t throw any pie at the law enforcement officers! Also, there are some old ladies in the hideout (no idea what kind of bad things the bad guys done to the old ladies). Please don’t throw pie at them as well. Otherwise - it’s Pie Attack time!

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<![CDATA[Knife Smash]]> Do you like throwing stuff? Like knives at random spinning targets? Then this is the ultimate challenge for you! Time your actions, aim carefully and become the knife master! Can you beat all the levels? Very simple one-touch gameplay, but challenging to master! Can you collect all the ridiculous knives?

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<![CDATA[Egypt Stone Wars]]> The ancient Egypt was in the war status for a long period of time. They know how to fight, but how about you?

Even the simplest weapons have to be used properly. This catapult is useless if you launch stones brainlessly. Just try using it correctly and destroy enemies.

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<![CDATA[Knife Hit]]> The ultimate knife Hit challenge is here!

Throw the knives into the logs to break them. Slash the apples and unlock new knives. Each 5th stage is defended by a boss - beat them to get exclusive knives!

Be careful to not hit the knives or the spikes. Time your actions, target carefully and become the knife master!

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<![CDATA[Hit & Knock Down]]> Hit & Knock Down 3D is a best sports game on market NOW!!!

Start playing and you just hit the target with ball, the knock down all the cans in front of you!
Try your puzzle solving skills to the next level in this insanely addictive game.

Ball Mode:
- You can knock down all the cans using a throw ball.
- Limited number of balls.

Time Mode:
- Clear all levels with time limit.
- Unlimited balls.

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<![CDATA[Basketball Master 2]]> Basketball Master is a cool sports game inspired by street basketball. Aim of this game is to shoot the basketball into the hoop with with the first try. Are you the master of basketball?

Train your basketball shooting skill in this addictive sports game. Touch and drag the basketball for a perfect shot.

• version 2 gives you more levels & more challenges
• no ads, no in-app-purchases. kid friendly & safe. unlimited plays
• retina graphics with thrilling music

Enjoy it!

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<![CDATA[Basketball Maste]]> Time to play basketball! Aim carefully and try to thorw the ball through the loop - how many good shots in a row can you do? It won’t be easy, as the more shot you score, the more difficult it becomes - with other players trying to bounce the ball off and the basket moving around. Good luck!

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<![CDATA[Knife vs Fruits]]> Throw the Knives, collect coins, & clear the level. Remember, you have only limited number of knives to complete every level. The goal of this game is to hit all the rotating targets.
Be careful, if any of your knife overlaps, you fail the level!
You can try to hit the coins and earn them, you can get the knives from the shop.
Improve your skills and reaction by choosing the right time to shoot!

How to play?

- Just tap the knife to throw them out.
- If any of your knife overlaps, you fail the level!
- Rotate clockwise or anticlockwise, and they change the speed every time.

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<![CDATA[Knock Down]]> The most fun and simple Knock Down Game - Bottle Hit in the market!

Knock Down game - Bottle Hit is to knock down all bottles using slingshot and ball.
It has many unique and interesting gameplay levels.

Where you have to knock down slingshot all the bottles using your logical and aiming skills to complete a level.
If you throw all ball without fall down bottles will level failed.

How to play?

- Touch on the ball and pellet-bow then move to aim and then release.
- Limited balls to knock down all bottles.
- You can knock down all bottles, you win level other wise game over.


- 80 challenging game play levels.
- Amazing graphics,sounds and user friendly interface.
- Simple one touch controls.
- Achievement & leaderboard supported.
- Earn coins to unlock additional features for each level.
- Suitable for all ages.
- You can download this game for free.

Will you be the first to beat all levels?

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<![CDATA[Basketball]]> – Ball is shot in a direction based on the cursor’s movement
– Ball changes size to make experience 3D like
– Sound effects make experience like REAL LIFE!
– Ball collides with and bounces on/off rim
– Motion tweens of happy or sad emojis appear based on success of the shot
– Besides the first shot, ball spawns in random locations

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