Tag tap Games for tag tap http://www.grabgamer.com Thu, 07 Jul 2022 14:20:17 +0300 <![CDATA[Circle Way]]> Circle Way is a new and unique arcade game that will take all your free time.
Tap at the right moment to move between circles and go higher and higher. Choose the right path in the tangled labyrinth, but hurry up - speed increases rapidly.
The game might seem easy, but it's extremely difficult to master.
Download now to try your skills in finding fastest ways!

- unique endless map!
- offline mode!
- easy, but requires skill!

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<![CDATA[Tappy Shooting]]> Everyone is able to start a WAR, but only the best come out as winners.
In this game, you control a sophisticated combat aircraft armed with a powerful cannon with an advanced fire control system (AFCS). On the opposite side you have a powerful and ruthless opponent, the H-Drone (DRON HYBRIDS) - a combination of high-tech sophisticated drones of the latest generation and genetically modified insects, controlled by a CYBERNETIC QUEEN from a hidden brood.
Fate is really toying with you at this moment, as you fly your combat aircraft to meet the fire, smoke, poisonous fumes and H-Drones. Under their numerous and persistent invasion, the once glistening streets full of life sink into twilight.
The city administration, or what is left of it, expects from you the almost impossible to bring life back to this unfortunate city with your courage and skill and prevent it from sinking into even deeper chaos.
It will not be easy for you. Opposite you is an opponent who knows no fear. With unseen persistence, he lurks his chance - the wrong maneuver that you will perform with your combat aircraft - to knock you down with a fatal shot or maneuver - Turbo Attack - directly crashing into you.
The invasion of the H-Drones is in the sign of a LARGE NUMBER that pulls victory to their side, and the conflict to the sign of total asymmetry. Your victory will mean that NUMBER is not everything.
For now, at this level, the fight is not over yet. With each next level, you will be closer to the final showdown with the core of the threat - the CYBERNETIC QUEEN and her brood. But your combat path to the C-QUEEN  is long and full of obstacles. Try not to let your struggle end in infinity.
Therefore, bravely manage your combat aircraft, because NUMBER may not be everything !!!

- It abounds in elements of classic action and shooting, and in perspective, adventure,
- Tappy Shooting game comes in two variants - for PC (Windows) and Android mobile phones,
- Tappy Shooting is based on the endless gameplay concept similar to the Flappy Bird and some other popular games that use the same concept of endless gameplay,
- In this game, by clicking the mouse or keyboard (or by touching the screen of a mobile phone anywhere) you play against drones whose behavior is completely controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence) in single player mode,
- The behavior of the Player against drones is controlled by input from the mouse (left-click) and / or keyboard (space) and with AI in the PC variant (in the mobile phone variant, touching the mobile phone screen anywhere). Destroying drones in addition to shooting is possible by jumping the Player on the "back" from above and hitting the "belly" of the drone from below,
- The player has a shield as protection against enemy fire - protection whose effectiveness is conditioned by a sufficient number of renewable lives controlled with AI,
- A head-on collision of a drone with a player (the shield is protection only from enemy fire) leads to Game Over,
Also, a big THANK YOU to everyone who will be playing Tappy Shooting !!!

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<![CDATA[Slow Down]]> Slow Down is simple addictive game. Control time with the tip of your finger! Just tap the screen to slow down.

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<![CDATA[Dont Touch The Red]]> Simple and fast fun! Test your reflexes and concentration in different modes and their variations. From Classic and speeding Arcade through Zen to the overcoming Rush. How many green tiles can you tap? Look out, red means stop!

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<![CDATA[Goblins Vs Skeletons]]> Goblins VS Skeletons is a simple tap game…tap right for goblins to get inside in the cave and tap left for skeletons to jump in the water. Play fast and try to make more score in the specific time…timer increases with score points.

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<![CDATA[Celestial Fall]]> This mysterious monster is making his way down the grid. Unfortunately, there’s lots of hazards, pits and other dangers. Can you keep him safe while you try to earn a high-score in this online game?

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<![CDATA[Truth]]> Tap the screen to throw spikes, try not to hit the eyes!

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