Tag sniper Games for tag sniper http://www.grabgamer.com Wed, 06 Jul 2022 00:37:07 +0300 <![CDATA[Sniper King 3D]]> If you are real sniper 3d shooter and love first person shooter (FPS) games then you are right place.
Download & play now for free one of the great fps shooting game with various stages and multiplayer.

This best real sniper king 3d game is the alternate of archery shooting game.

You can equipped with most modern sniper 3D weapons and show yourself King of sniper shooting game.
You need to have great aim and shooting skills like a pro and gravity and wind force will all affect the bullet trajectory and that you should shoot during your natural respiratory pause.

The real sniper rifles to shoot the bulls eye on the target in shooting range which is gold feature among the long range sniper shooting game.

Every round gets harder on harder. Starting stages are easy to play but gradually the game will become difficult to play.
Highly recommended for shooting lover and those who are looking for real Sniper King 3D simulation game.



- Realistic 3D graphics and real animations.
- Smooth UI with addicting FPS gameplay controls.
- 100 of thrilling stages.
- Extended Shooting experience.
- Easy and intuitive controls.
- Game for all ages.


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