Tag slide Games for tag slide http://www.grabgamer.com Thu, 07 Jul 2022 14:49:28 +0300 <![CDATA[Unpark Jam]]> In this fun and brilliant game, you challenge your rationale abilities, basic reasoning, and timing accuracy. Unblock Parking Puzzle is an extremely habit-forming puzzle game. During the busy time there are such a large number of vehicles in the leaving region. Your assignment is to unblock the vehicle and move it out of the traffic mayhem.

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<![CDATA[Nine Out]]> Move the pieces on the board to form as many nines as possible. Can you do it?
Nine Out is a merge game in which the objective is to form tiles of number 9. Tiles that form a number greater than 9, cannot be formed. When number 9 tiles are formed they leave the board, making the player think strategically about his movements. When the 4x4 board is full of tiles and it is not possible to make a new move, the player loses.
There are two game modes for you to enjoy. Your highest scores are saved in the game. Challenge your friends to see who scores the most points.
Normal mode:
Move pieces of any number towards each other to add them up. They will be added as long as they add the number 9 or a smaller number.
Extra Mode:
In this mode, only pieces that form the number nine can be fused. It sounds challenging, doesn't it?

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<![CDATA[Woblox]]> It is a slide puzzle game where you need to free the green wooden block, making it way to the exit.

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<![CDATA[Mystery Temple]]> Match-3 meets sliding block puzzle in this game, set deep in the heart of an ancient temple. Place colored blocks that slide in the direction of the arrows upon them. Match them to the sparkling jewels of the same color in order to collect them. Grab all the jewels and make it out before the board fills with blocks!

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