Tag reastaurant Games for tag reastaurant http://www.grabgamer.com Wed, 06 Jul 2022 01:21:17 +0300 <![CDATA[Beach Restaurant Cooking]]> Beach Restaurant Cooking is a Holiday special edition cooking simulator game.
In these games your aim is to cook various holiday cuisines and manage your business restaurant at the same time.
Serve your customer delicious Hot Chicken Wings with garlic sauce or hot chili sauce as well as french fries and several other types of chicken meat.
Make sure your comfort food is well received by your family and follow mama and grandma mia traditional recipes. Make sure you cook the chef hot fried chicken wings in style. Make sure you serve the tasty food with fresh beans coffee. American fast food has never tasted better!

This time burgers are off the table, same with hotdog and pizza. We are going full festive this year in preparing only the holiday dishes.
Prepare delicious family recipes as well as all sort of special grilled mead and grill, barbeque, bbq, beef, lamb, chicken and pork.
Don't forget about our festive Chinese Restaurant with awesome tasty Noodles or Chinese noodle soup as well as other century old family recipes.
Make sure you serve the great food with herbal green tea

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