Tag numbers Games for tag numbers http://www.grabgamer.com Thu, 25 Feb 2021 01:58:47 +0200 <![CDATA[Futoshiki]]> If you like Sudoku, then you'll love Futoshiki. Futoshiki is another popular Japanese numeric puzzle game.

Your aim is to put numbers from one to five in each row and column, so they do not repeat themselves. Numbers must also respect the relational signs placed between some cells.

The game includes a generator offering the player three difficulty levels, from easy through medium to hard. For each generated puzzle only one unique solution is guaranteed.

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<![CDATA[Get 10 Plus]]> Do you like math or logic games? Thanks to this amusing number connecting you will start to love it! Match the same adjacent numbers to convert them to a higher number. Match further to reach 10 and beyond! Easy to play, hard to master!

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<![CDATA[Get 10]]> Do you like math or logic games? Thanks to this amusing number connecting you will start to love it! Match the same adjacent numbers to convert them to a higher number. Match further to reach 10 and beyond! Easy to play, hard to master!

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<![CDATA[2048 Legend]]> 2048 is a simple game where you add up numbers. That's it. Although, it's not as easy as it seems. It can prove to be quite a challenge. If you don't already know this classic, then you're in for a treat! Are you ready to test your wit and get as much score as possible? Then what are you waiting for? Go on and play it!

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<![CDATA[Impossible 13]]> Impossible 13 is a great puzzle game about numbers.

The gameplay is a mix between famous 2048 and well-known match-3 mechanic. It is very easy to learn but a highly addictive puzzle.

How to play:

Connect 3 or more items with the same number to upgrade them to a next number. You will get coins for each collected item. Buy boosters with earned coins.


    No time limit. Unlimited lives. Play as much as you want.
    Boosters. Earn coins – spend them on boosters – get 13.
    Endless challenge. Got 13? That’s great. But can you get 20? 50? 100!?

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<![CDATA[Crazy Balls]]> Play super addictive game “Crazy Balls”

Just hold, drag and release to throw the bouncing balls and shoot all shapes.

Every shape has numbers so to destroy one shape ball has to hit till 0.

Start hitting shapes!

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<![CDATA[Snake Block Blast]]> Easy swipe your finger to move left or right on screen to move snake.
You can get highscore with snake will grow longer when eating the balls along the way.

Amazing endless blocks with endless gameplay.
You can challenge your friends and family to beat your score.


- Best addictive gameplay controls.
- Endless game play mode.
- Easy and touch game controls.
- Download for FREE!!!

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<![CDATA[Bingo Halloween]]> Try to get Bingo first in Halloween Bingo, a fun game to play against the computer. Choose a Bingo card. The numbers on your card will always be 1 - 25, but the order is different for each card. Spin the big wheel and see which numbers you draw. Blot them out on your card using the pumpkin stickers. The first player to get bingo three times wins!

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<![CDATA[Math Puzzle]]> Math games for everyone from kids to adults. Mathematical calculations to play and practice to find the unknown numbers replacing the letters and making right equation. This math games depend on you reasoning and brain ability in math calculations. Your math analytical ability will be tested by different and gradual cool math levels. It continue easy, hard and very hard math problems. This is the best math game, you will ever see in google play. It also test and improve your IQ and by solving more hard math problems. There are coming soon very hard levels that combine addition and multiplication equations to give more strength to your math games, analytical ability and logic. Improve your logic and make your brain always fresh and has fast reactions to math problems. This math game for kids, it will improve their analysis and mathematical ability and make them very strong brain teasers. Also, it’s the best for adults in time consuming in solving hard math problems and improve their math logic and reasoning

Features of Math games

# Find the unknown numbers that make correct math equation.
# Analyze the puzzle by dividing it to small equations to can find the required numbers.
# Test your IQ and improve by solving more hard levels.
# Test your speed in solving the Math games and watch how much it improves by solving more.

Math games has different difficulty levels to improve math and algebra skills and change your mind to be genius among your friends. Math games can be educational learning for kids or brain training app for adults. Every level has different idea that improve your brain ability and increase your intelligence level. You will face a lot of hard math problems, don’t give up and join our community to discuss how to solve these mate games. You also can share these hard math games and find the genius persons among your friends. Math games is extracted from cryptarithmetic science that was the background of all crypto currency birth. Cryptarithmetic puzzle, a mathematical exercise, where the digits of some numbers are represented by letters. Math games new and unique hard levels you didn't see before. Every math logic puzzle has unique and proven solution not such guess. Improve your logic, reasoning, mental and brain ability by solving more math logic puzzles.
Math games also known as Verbal arithmetic, alphametics, cryptarithm or word addition, is a type of mathematical game consisting of a mathematical equation among unknown numbers, whose digits are represented by letters. The goal is to identify the value of each letter. The name can be extended to puzzles that use non-alphabetic symbols instead of letters.
The equation is typically a basic operation of arithmetic, such as addition, multiplication, or division.
Traditionally, each letter should represent a different digit, and (as in ordinary arithmetic notation) the leading digit of a multi-digit number must not be zero. A good puzzle should have a unique solution, and the letters should make up a phrase.

Verbal arithmetic can be useful as a motivation and source of exercises in the teaching of algebra.

How to play:
Drag and drop numbers replacing letters to make correct math equation. Each letter represents unique number between 0 to 9.

1. You can see your IQ after passing 40 math logic levels
2. Timer will not stop after start level so be ready before start
3. There are hints that will help you solve hard math logic levels
4. Score calculated by time, mistakes and using hints
5. You can share the difficult levels with your friends to help you
6. You have 3 free hints then you can buy hints from the game shop or by watching ads
7. There are many great levels coming soon

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<![CDATA[Kids Maths Fun]]> Play this addictive number puzzle. Tap on smallest number first and then larger.

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<![CDATA[Freaky Math]]> Freaky math is very fast math game where you need to quickly decide if the freaking math equation is freaking correct math or not.

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<![CDATA[2048]]> Make a tile numbered 2048 combining smaller tiles

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