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Yes, the jungle is beautiful, but there’s no time for sightseeing in this Jungle Adventures game. The evil lion monster has kidnapped Addu’s girlfriend, and our hero will not rest until he tracks her down and wins her back! Run and jump through the vines, snakes, and traps, vanquishing any and all enemies in your way. For each level you survive, you’re one step closer to being reunited with your kidnapped girlfriend, so get to it!

Enjoy Classic Gameplay with Jungle Adventures

We love this game because it adds a refreshing twist to classic side-scrolling games. You can double jump, hurl rocks at your opponents, and gorge yourself on delicious fruits to help you survive and score points. The bosses will give you plenty of challenge, and the cheerful music will help you keep your spirits up. Good luck in Jungle Adventures, Addu, now show that lion who’s boss!

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