Tag crash Games for tag crash http://www.grabgamer.com Thu, 07 Jul 2022 13:17:33 +0300 <![CDATA[Tomato Crush]]> Tomato Crush is simple tap-based game.
Just tap to crush and match the tomatoes
You get 20 seconds and you have to crush tomatoes as much as you can.
To make this game cute we have given kitchen look with cute tomatoes animation. So start CRUSHING!

http://www.grabgamer.com/en/games/949 Fri, 02 Apr 2021 12:35:34 +0300
<![CDATA[Square Crush]]> Square Crush is a fun and simple HTML5 game on where you have to crush all the squares. It might sound easy but this game is very challenging. It gets harder and harder as you play longer. Just a tip, you'll notice that there are different colors of squares. Each color has a corresponding action or movement. So be alert and be fast on squishing and squashing those squares!

http://www.grabgamer.com/en/games/894 Sat, 13 Mar 2021 11:26:00 +0200