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Wow, it’s great to see Julia’s Food Truck business doing so well, but she is about to get ambushed by dozens of hungry customers! They have to get back to work, too, so they don’t have a lot of time. Slap together a made-to-order burger as fast as you can, and send them on their way. Grab each customer’s coins quickly and then start cooking the next order. Will you survive the lunch rush or crack under the pressure?

Don’t Let Julia’s Food Truck Customers Down

Julia’s mobile restaurant has a great crowd, but they can be very picky. As you rush to make orders in this fast-paced clicker, more food items will appear. The orders will get more and more complicated until you can’t make them in time! If you keep a customer waiting for too long, the game ends. How much cash will you make in this Julia’s Food Truck game?
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