Tag computer Games for tag computer http://www.grabgamer.com Thu, 07 Jul 2022 16:41:25 +0300 <![CDATA[Escape From Computer]]> Escape from Computer is an adventure-platformer game based on "what if softwares inside our computer had some sort of society" theme and it narrates a story of a software who wants to escape the failing computer while creating a bond with you, the user. And narrates you the cause of this downfall with dialogues.

But things don't go as planned so it is trapped inside of a more dangerous environment with an unknown threat. Digital or analog it need to get out of that world.

-Show the path to the main character in its journey to the unknown
-Learn the environment inside the computer
-Get out from that unknown digital land
-Explore unique obstacles
-Dodge dangers while creating a bond with the character

Main Features:
-A story told by the main character
-A dark fantastic/sci-fi story
-Unique Artstyle
-Beautiful Environment
-Eye catching visual effects
-Challenging obstacles
-Relaxing music
-20 hand created levels
-A dialogue system between player and the protagonist
-Futuristic user interface design
-Sci-Fi environment

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