rss25_newest_games rss25_newest_games_description Wed, 06 Jul 2022 01:15:59 +0300 <![CDATA[Real Race 2018]]> If you want to bring the referral in you out into the open, this is just the game for you.

Real Racer 2018 gives you that thrilling, exciting race you have been longing for. You have a wide range of cars to choose, and you can go in for the track that can give you that adrenaline-pumping experience.

Get the fastest car that suits you best, get your lucky Colorado for the car and then go off like the wind.

Wait. Speed is the mantra for the game, but you should also add caution and control to your speed. If you put up a top rated racing performance, your score gets higher and you earn more credits. But an error leading to an accident on this challenging highway can bring down your scores.

Race to your heart's delight, win more credits and use the credits to unlock new cars.

Get ready. Go.

Game features
• Modern beautiful 3D graphics.
• Realistic physics of cars.
• 3 Tracks with the different weather conditions.
• You can choose different highways.
• No speed limit
• Real-time driving pleasure
• Different Kind of cars
• Different Modes with a different kind of gameplay

Have Fun!!!

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<![CDATA[Are You Two Smart]]> Are You Two Smart is a game of logic and of desynchronization where the player will have to think of a way to bring both characters on the screen in one door each. The particularity is that they move together and every inputs are recorded for both of them at the same time. To be done, the player has to then, find a clever way to make them de-synchronize and move both of them using the same control all the time.
The controls are really simple and intuitive. Pressing left makes the characters go left and pressing right makes the characters go right. Pressing the jump button makes both characters jump.

There are 25 levels that become harder and harder the closest you get to the last level. Starting level 20, there’s a good mix of strategy and maneuverability that needs to be have for the player in order to succeed the levels.

The secret is to discover all the different options one has to de-synchronize the characters. Once you understand this concept, you’re good to go.

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<![CDATA[LandLine]]> Enjoy an extremely addictive Hyper casual game with a never before seen gameplay.
This is a game where you are a ball and are trying your best to stay alive as far as possible (WARNING EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE !!! )

You can collect numerous players and also a special Easter egg (HINT * Check the shop)

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<![CDATA[Labyrinth Lab]]> Explore labyrinths full of secrets and dangers

In the world of Plasmoids, there are an infinite number of rooms with unstable labyrinths and only the most daring Plasmoids can explore the unknown labyrinths to stabilize them with four colored elements, defeat pest monster and find portal to next room.

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<![CDATA[Circle Way]]> Circle Way is a new and unique arcade game that will take all your free time.
Tap at the right moment to move between circles and go higher and higher. Choose the right path in the tangled labyrinth, but hurry up - speed increases rapidly.
The game might seem easy, but it's extremely difficult to master.
Download now to try your skills in finding fastest ways!

- unique endless map!
- offline mode!
- easy, but requires skill!

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<![CDATA[Haunted Mansions]]> Go through dungeons and abandoned houses to find the key to Henrietta's crypt, a relic that can take and bring people from the ghost dimension. This is the beginning of Helena's adventure

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<![CDATA[Wobble Mania-Wall Bounce]]> Bounce on the wall and wobble down to the drop zone. Don’t hit the obstacles. You have played many puzzle games but this one is totally different. This is an offline puzzle game with a different approach altogether. You main challenge is to drop the Wobble Man from the high tower and bring him down to the ground. On the way you will encounter many obstacles. Be sure not to hit your wobble man on any obstacles otherwise you will not win. There are 100s of levels of this free to play hypercasual game which will keep you hooked to the phone all day long.
Wobble mania will challenge your hand and brain coordination and is a brain teaser game. Keep your nerves steady and you are on your way to win it. Get down safely to the drop zone to win. Wobble Wall Bounce Drop is a unique wobbly adventure with your wobbling character. Don’t plummet to the ground but reach safely by bouncing off the wall. Be careful of the black walls. If you hit them, it’s game over.

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<![CDATA[Super 3D Axe Throw World Championship]]> Take your axe and get ready for throwing axes on targets in this amazing game. The best axe throwing game of the year. Throw axes and hit targets to clear different levels. Flipping axes have never been this much fun. Throw axes to hit targets and move to the next levels.
This game tests your skills, patience and focus as you need to throw axes to hit the right axe target. Throwing axe games have never been this amazing. Axe Throwing Games Championships is a unique axe game where you need to hit a range of fixed or moving targets.

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<![CDATA[Surface Rush]]> Show your reflexes and reach the Surface!

Surface Rush is an arcade, skill based game, where you must throw Pumpum and make him bounce through the ocean bottom. Keep an eye on the oxygen bar and keep moving towards the goal.


·Explore 132 levels full of traps and find the hidden stars. Collect coins to unlock new skins, each one with unique speed and stamina!

·Unlock In-game achievements and challenge your friends, a feat within the reach of very few!

·Surface Rush has 4 different game modes in which you will prove your precision, speed, and reflexes.


Classic Mode
Explore the levels in Classic Mode and find the hidden stars, facing harder challenges as you progress.

One Shot
In this mode you only have one throw to reach the next bubble, you will have to aim properly at the right moment to dodge the traps, bounce and get all the stars and coins!

Precision Mode
In Precision Mode you have a limited number of throws to reach the goal, so you will have to aim like a pro and optimize your bounces to the limit.

Timer Mode
If you are the fastest on the ocean, this is your mode. Reach the goal before time runs out and beat your own record. Don´t worry, you will be able to pick up clocks hidden in the level that will help you in this challenge.

Can you reach the surface?

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<![CDATA[The Book Of Death]]> In a rainy day a boy is getting bored and he decides to search old things in his attic. After some time he finds a book which is actually cursed. While getting the book in his hands, the boy is getting cursed and pulled through a portal into another world.

Get in the role of the boy and escape from the dark world by destroying the book.

- Different tasks to do
- Various enemies to fight
- Challenging traps and environment
- Voice Acting

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<![CDATA[Olly In Helix]]> Olly is a skate game that is aim to finalise levels in helix platform.

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<![CDATA[Word Connect]]> Word Connect is an addictive and exciting free Word game. Train your brain and learn new Words whenever you like, wherever you are. The fun is ready for you.

Your best choice to enjoy endless fun from word puzzles!. Best combination of word searching for word geniuses. Very easy but gets challenging quickly.

Simple and easy Swipe your finger over letters, search, connect and combine backwards to form a specific hidden word.

Features :

- Simple Rules, easy to play swipe and connect to win a game!
- No time limit, these word unscramble puzzles are challenging.
- Beautiful graphics, light music for you!
- If you find yourself stuck, use letter hints
- Play offline! No wifi required

Nature word Connect connect knowledge; improve your word connect skills; beat the word connect challenges. Very funny and relaxing!
Get ready for the new era of Word Connect and enjoy your own word story!

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<![CDATA[Slow Time Wizzer]]> Run fast then touch screen to slow down obstacles in your path Timing is needed to get pass the different traps and obstacles in your way and make it to the next level.

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<![CDATA[The Jump]]> Hold the screen to make your character jump from platform to platform. The longer you hold - the bigger your jump will be, so aim carefully to perform a perfect leap and not miss the next platform!

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<![CDATA[Split]]> HOW TO PLAY?
1. Press and hold the screen to split the balls.
2. Collect the stars to remain in the game.

Game modes:
- Normal mode
- Insane mode with the Boss level.

To unlock INSANE MODE, collect 50 stars in NORMAL MODE

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<![CDATA[Multi Brick Breaker]]> Multi Brick Breaker is a new way of playing Brick Breaker.

Arkanoid? No, Pong? No more! Multi Brick Breaker is a mix of these two retro games with current graphics!

MBB is an original concept brick breaker where you face an opponent who will try to break more bricks than you. Bonuses and penalties spice up the game and boosters allow you to get out of trouble.

In addition to the classic mode there is another game mode, the endless tower with missions to complete in order to earn daily rewards.

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<![CDATA[Drive Zone]]> Drive Zone aims to provide the best simulation experience with its realistic physics and car control.
With the realistic graphics, physics and controls of Drive Zone, you can feel the quality racing experience on your mobile device.

With more than 5 different racing types such as Drive Zone, Drift racing, Classic Tour Races, Speed Races, Time Trial Races, Boss races, it is perfect for you to have a fun and adrenaline-filled time.

You can experience different excitement with more than 20 vehicles in the game and the lifelike physics of each vehicle.

As DriveZone, we strive to be the game that offers you the most realistic car racing experience, especially vehicle use and physics.

In the Drive Zone game, you can enjoy the game by competing with artificial intelligence in lap races, or you can drag your car from corner to corner in drift races, and you can reach the peaks of fun and adrenaline. If you wish, you can buy a fast car and break speed records in speed races, if you want, you can race against time and refresh your time records.

You can buy and customize the vehicle you want in Drive Zone. You can choose the vehicle you want and enjoy free rides in the training sections. You can enjoy the driving experience with its realistic graphics and sounds.

-High quality car models

-Simulation - like physics and driving


Drive Zone aims to be a completely realistic and adrenaline-filled car racing game with realistic eye-catching graphics, breathtaking vehicle sounds and a realistic racing game experience for you.


You can customize your car however you want to be like.
Customize, modify your car

Body, wheel and smoke paint, customize your car and go off !

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<![CDATA[PinWall]]> A new take on an old game. And endless Pin-Ball scroller.

Fight your way up this never-ending obstacle course. Collect points to unlock new obstacles! Customize your game and play any way you want!

PinWall is a new take on an arcade classic. Fight your way up this never ending obstacle course!

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<![CDATA[Wizzer City]]> You are the leader of a team of characters. Collect your group and lead them on into the challenging pathways to collecting many rewards on the way.
Control your teams like a long snake and help them reach the destination safely
- Fun all the way
- Nice graphics
- Simple controls
- Great gameplay
- Challenging levels

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<![CDATA[Swapping Tiles]]> A tile swap game.  Match 3 tiles of the same color to exploit them.
The tiles falls from the top and group with they of the same color. The number indicates how many times you must touch them to disappear.
The black tile that appear are only removed with bombs or with elements of lightning bolt.
The game ends when you reach the top line.
Swapping tiles to have fun is easy with this  Match 3 game.

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<![CDATA[Veia Defense]]> On a beautiful day, while taking care of her garden, Dona Véia is attacked by Aliens from another universe willing, to steal the apples from her beautiful Orchard.

In a life-and-death battle, Dona Véia will have to defend her Orchard from invaders who will spare no effort to return to their planet with the best apples.

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<![CDATA[Evo Battle]]> After years of traveling alone in space, Evo finally comes across the last Planet in the Universe. Your mission, to defend and make this Planet evolve, as it is the last source of hope for the entire universe, and its new home.

In epic battles, you will have to stop the most diverse dangers and challenges that can come to destroy your new home.

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<![CDATA[Run Rats Run!]]> Run Rats Run! is a game in which you try to avoid being hit by the evil robots by running away from them.

Play through a ton of colorful and unique levels.

Unlock cool little rats and choose between them!

Choose your play style, Be cautious and slow down time throughout the whole level, Or take the risk and let the rat move freely and slow down time just as needed.

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<![CDATA[World Championship Archery Arrow Shooting Game]]> Bow and Arrow Shooting Game is the best target practice game that you can play for Bow and Arrow Simulator Game. The game play is to shoot a target board with bow and limited no. of arrows and make a great high score. Step into the archery world where archery battle completely simulates ancient modern sports with extreme action shooting games theme! This is a bow and arrow shooting high score game.

World Championship Archery-Arrow Shooting Game is the hottest and most realistic archery 3d simulation game for you to test your shooting skills to become archery queen in this one of the most competitive archery games ever. Play matches to increase your level and get access to new locations where you’ll compete against the best of the best!

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<![CDATA[Super 3D Highway Bike Stunt]]> Are you looking for an amazing bike stunt 3D game to sharpen your mind? Do you like motorbike racing games? Can you drive the motorcycle as fast as possible, dodge obstacles, and jump over the train? Let’s download Super 3D Highway bike Stunt: Motorbike Racing Game for free. The perfect racing moto bike stunt game is ready for you now.

This is one of the Best bike stunt game in advanced bike stunt games. Be ready to play most intense bike stunt games. Bike Stunt Ramp Race 3D is a free bike stunt game which is designed for crazy bike riders, who love to play bike stunt games. You may have played many bike stunt driving and motorcycle stunt games but after playing this 3d moto stunt racing game you will definitely addictive to this stunt bike game. Unlike other bike stunt games and quad bike games this motorcycle riding game is full of extreme moto bike stunts and bike driving adventures.

Super 3D Highway Bike Stunt: Motorbike Racing Game - Bike Stunt Games Free is highly exciting and super motorcycle game in which there are nonstop bike stunts action in the form of real bike stunts game challenges. Bike stunt game is easy to play as compared to other motorcycle racing games but hard to master. Handle the bike at the wheels of stunt racing motorbike, start the engine of 3d stunt bike and burn the racing ramps with super-fast speed. Race, jump, stunt and drift on impossible tracks and crash the mad bike riders through master bike riding skills. This bike stunt ramp racing game gives you a chance to prove yourself as a most furious bike rider of 2020 and perform some moto bike stunts on impossible tracks.

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