About us

Grab Gamer adds more value to your website. By adding our ad sponsored games to your entertainment portal, blog or ecommerce site, you monetize your traffic effectively, grow your audience and increase a visitor's session time. We provide you with some of the best games on the market to help you achieve the highest return on your web content.

The games can be played cross-platform on any device and in any browser. They are the best solution for the website which has traffic from desktop and mobile. You can add one game or many; they are fully tested and work on any smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Monetize your traffic
Your revenues are generated through dynamic in-game advertising. To maximize your income, we use ads with the real time bidding, displaying them intermittently during gameplay. This model increases advertising revenues and provides balance between earnings and non-obtrusive gaming experience.

If you want to publish ad-free content to your website, please contact us. We will offer you a solution that fits your needs and business model.

Grow your audience
Our games help you engage existing users as well as reach new ones. You receive new visitors through referrals and social impact, as well as through SEO optimized gaming content. Growing your audience becomes easy; users visit your website to enjoy great content and stay longer to play awesome games. No matter who your visitors are, everyone plays games - 60% of gamers are women and 40% are men. This makes them one of the best solutions on the market for user acquisition and retention.

Increase a visitor's session time
Our games encourage your visitors to stay longer on your webpages. On average, users spend more than 40 minutes on gaming, compared to 15 minutes on Youtube, and 5 minutes in general per website. In addition, our games are free from any hidden links to a third party gaming portals, so that your users stay longer on your webpage to play and interact with your content.

Adding our games is easy. Go to a game page, click on "Add game" and follow a simple instruction.